Download Premium WordPress Themes

The user database of webmasters/bloggers using wordpress is ever increasing. Currently, the most used script for creating a website or blog is wordpress – advantage is it is available free with lots of templates, themes and addon plugins. WordPress is being constantly developed and upgraded with new and new features everyday.

You will find lots of free and premium paid wordpress templates out there. Advantage of using paid premium wordpress themes is that you will get lots of customization, unique looks, and support. Free themes lack w3 varified coding, lots of errors and no supports, including few backlinks in the footer giving your blog an unprofessional look.

I know lots of people look for warez, nulled premium wordpress themes on various torrent sites or rapidshare, megaupload, fileshare, filesonic, easy-share and such other file hosting sites. I warn you that those scripts/themes contain lots of malicious codes which will be harmful to your host, computer and visitors. So never go with such nulled theme, better spend some money to buy legal premium wordpress themes.

You will find lots of premium theme developers like,,, wpnow, elegantthemes, studiopress,aloha, arthemia, wpzoom, mojo, themespinner, primo, solostream, pagelines, organicthemes, dailywp, flexsqueeze, vivathemes, headway, obox, afftheme, nattywp, stylewp, thesis,wpremix, richwp, gorillathemes, press75, woothemes, and many more. So see, you have lots of premium theme developers, then why go with fake/nulled scripts when you can buy theme legally for few dollars ? I would suggest you to go with elegant themes if your budget is limited.

Top Best Paid Antivirus Software

Virus problem and data theft is increasing day by day. Nowadays, people are storing their almost every type of data on computer.

If you don’t have genuine versions of operating system or other softwares, but atleast you should have a paid premium licensed version of antivirus internet security application software compared to free antivirus softwares available on net. They would cost you around $15 to $30 per year and I think that’s a meagre amount compared to headache / damage cost by viruses. And yes, the importance of your data which you have collected for years.

I would like to list some of the best and top used paid antivirus softwares :




These days these softwares comes with anti virus, anti spyware/malware/adware, firewall, data  theft and other protections, in short, complete protection. If you have any suggestions, let me know. This is just my thoughts, I am using avast though. ;)

Rapidshare Megaupload Free Premium Account Link Generators

Here are few of the best working premium link generators which can be helpful to you. If you are a frequent downloader/leecher, then you should try some softwares listed below.


These sites might have some limitations. There are plenty of applications which gives you free premium account/access for download sites like rapidshare RS, Megaupload MU, Filesonic FS, Fileserve, etc.

With these applications you do not need a premium account, they work with both free and premium accounts. Some of the features of these softwares/applications are :

* No need to have Premium accounts.
* Fully automatic download.
* It indicates if the files are available to be downloaded.
* It optimizes your connection.
* It also works with Premium accounts of Rapidshare, Megaupload and Hotfiles.

Premium Downloader Programs:

  • Mipony
  • RDesc
  • Crytpload
  • JDownloader

These softwares and sites work with various download/upload sites like rapidshare, hotfile, depositfiles, netload, uploading,, megarotic, megavideo, megaporn, filesonic, sharingmatrix, zippyshare,  ziddu, easy-share, gigashare, megashares,,,, turbobit, filefactory, filedude, youtube, 4shared, filestube, torrific, hotfile, fileserve, mediafire, cash-file, oron, dropbox, slingfile, filedropper, filesavr, sharesend, adrive, wikiupload, fileden, wixi, fileai, badongo,,   and many more. Use them from work/office even when these sites are blocked and no proxy works.

If you want any of the free rapidshare, megaupload, fileserve, oron premium accounts, what you have to do is spread this post – twitter, facebook, digg, delicious, blogpost etc and post a comment here. I will verify and then send a free premium account. :)

The Dangers of Downloading Illegal Softwares

The Dangers of Downloading illegal or pirated movies, music, softwares, scripts, applications etc. are :

What’s at Stake—The Value of Intellectual Property:

antipiracyWith peer-to-peer networks you may get more than you bargain for. Users of peer-to-peer networks typically download and install free software on their computers that allows them to find and download files located on another users drive; and share with other users the files located on their computer. What you don’t realize is that spyware and other similar programs are often imbedded in the software you download.

Spyware allows the company to monitor the web pages you go to, the information you put in, and even use your computer’s power without your knowledge. According to MacAfee, 90% of computer users unknowingly have spyware on their computers. Some spyware is designed to record keystrokes which facilitates identity theft and fraud. Users lose the ability to control their own computers. The spyware programs actively compete with the programs you have open, even using your processing power to the point your computer crashes. Spyware applications contribute to one-half of all crashes according to the directors of Windows privacy.

Grokster and other programs also pose privacy risks by making it easy for users to unknowingly share more information than they intend. The system is designed for only a certain folder—the shared folder to be accessible. However, users can easily make their whole C-drive available without being aware of it. The security settings are confusing and easily changed to allow access to sensitive material stored on your computer without knowing what you’ve done. Your C-drive has all the information stored on your computer on it. This often includes information input in programs like Quicken or Microsoft Money that have your social security and bank account numbers. Peer-to-peer networks pose a serious identity theft security risk.

When downloading songs and movies from other users, you also put yourself at risk for viruses. While the primary method of contracting a virus has been email, peer-to-peer networks provide a new method of introducing malicious code into a computer. Viruses can take advantage of the peer-to-peer network, and attempt to copy themselves or infect files within the shared peer-to-peer space. The viruses copies itself into popular files names and tricks users into downloading and executing those files, causing the user’s computer to crash. For this reason, peer-to-peer networks are breeding grounds for hackers with malicious intent.

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